Vision Assets is a multi-disciplinary consultancy specialising in Intellectual Property, Licensing, Product Development and Growth Funding.


Our founding aim is to bring specialist consultancy services to the exploding number of start-ups and SMEs located in the Enterprising East and the wider UK. To do this we muster a network of highly sought-after consultants, drawing upon many years of commercial experience spanning multiple sectors.

Scroll through to discover the breadth and depth of the services we offer, and book an IPMedical — the essential Intellectual Property health assessment for you and your business.


Intellectual Property assets are the life-blood of an innovative business and accrue value as it grows. We work with you to protect your assets from infringement and to maximise commercial potential.


We offer a comprehensive review of your business assets to identify the most powerful protections available to them, from Registered Trade Marks and Registered Designs to Copyright, Design Right and Patents. We are well versed in advising businesses through complex applications involving multiple levels of Intellectual Property protection. Drawing upon many years of commercial experience, we are able to guide you through the process of applying for registrations in the UK, Europe and internationally.

For fast growing businesses that may be diversifying, seeking investment or looking to sell, we offer a specialist IP Strategy encompassing key areas, including: Acquisition, Transfer, Merger, Co-existence, Leveraging, Valuation and Sale of assets.


Licensing deals and collaborations can be lucrative and facilitate cost-efficient entry in to new markets. Assert your Intellectual Property rights from day one.


We have many years of commercial experience in structuring international Licensing Deals, Brand Collaborations and Third Party agreements. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service that equips you with the knowledge and tools to assert your business’ Intellectual Property rights with clarity and to engage in negotiations with confidence.

For companies seeking to establish an international Licensing business from scratch, we offer a turn-key Licensing Strategy service that navigates the entire process from choosing the right commercial licensee in each new product sector, to securing the maximum protection for and returns from assets.


Commercialising your Intellectual Property can be exhilarating and daunting in equal measure. Let us guide you through the development process from first prototype to retail-ready product.


We offer a comprehensive consultancy that guides you through the Product Development and Manufacturing process from Prototyping and Sampling, to Testing and Consumer Feedback, all the way to Mass Manufacture. Our considerable commercial experience across multiple sectors and international markets can facilitate Strategic Partnerships with leading manufacturers and industry experts, which stand to give your business and its products significant competitive edge.

For businesses seeking to break into new markets and engage in import and export, we offer a specialist International Trade consultancy.


Intellectual Property requires funds to grow and we know that innovation flourishes when the world is in a state of flux. Let us help you to navigate the funding marketplace and accelerate your business.


We offer a comprehensive review of your business and its long term growth objectives to identify a broad set of commercial funding options including Grant Funding, Loans, Equity Finance and Export Finance, which may be available through both publicly and privately backed programmes in the UK, Europe and internationally.

For businesses engaged in innovative Research and Development, we are able to offer a specialist consultancy with links to leading organisations operating in diverse sectors.